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Unknown Artists/Bands Show

Below is all the artists/Bands we are playing tonight on Brian's Rock n Roll Radio

Show is still on to 10:30pm

First up Rebecca Rain Interview followed by all of these songs

PERFORMER "Brian Weaver"

TITLE "Brian's Rock n Roll Radio Show"

FILE "2023-03-07_12h35m35s.mp3" MP3


TITLE "Brian's Rock n Roll Radio Show"

PERFORMER "Brian Weaver"

TITLE "I Don't Take Shit" PERFORMER "Rebecca Rain"


TITLE "Heavy" PERFORMER "Code Z66"

TITLE "Hurricane" PERFORMER "longtide"

TITLE "I Wrote It You Read It" PERFORMER "The New Nothings"

TITLE "Fall In Love" PERFORMER "Fyre Insyde"

TITLE "You Can Burn Me" PERFORMER "Ground Control"

TITLE "Dirt Tracks and Gasoline" PERFORMER "Jake Dodds"

TITLE "Say Goodbye" PERFORMER "Jasmine Rose"

TITLE "The Promise" PERFORMER "Jim Aitkin"

TITLE "Just Fine" PERFORMER "Joe Kirkpatrick"

TITLE "As Good As It Gets" PERFORMER "Joey Adams"

TITLE "Past My Bedtime" PERFORMER "John Patrick Matthews"

TITLE "Forever" PERFORMER "jon davies"

TITLE "Beans & Whiskey" PERFORMER "Junkyard Heights"

TITLE "Sunken submarine" PERFORMER "Jyri Kannisto"

TITLE "Fighter" PERFORMER "Katie Wellenberg"

TITLE "Last Show In Town" PERFORMER "Lee Walter Redding"

TITLE "Mad In Here PERFORMER "Linwood Strange"

TITLE "1 Charcoal On A Canvas" PERFORMER "Liz Graham"

TITLE "Should've, Could've, Will" PERFORMER "Louise Parker"

TITLE "Smoke Screen" PERFORMER "Lucky One Lane"

TITLE "_Get_Out_Run" PERFORMER "Lypswitch"

TITLE "Radiate PERFORMER "Michael Botte"

TITLE "The Best Thing I've Ever Done" PERFORMER "Michaela Compton"

TITLE "LOSER" PERFORMER "Moose on the Roof"

TITLE "City Lights" PERFORMER "Moving Lines"

TITLE "Second Chance" PERFORMER "Next Avenue Band"

TITLE "Black Beard and Me (Remaster)" PERFORMER "Nod Notwen"


TITLE "Soldier" PERFORMER "Oliva"

TITLE "Complicated (Radio Edit)" PERFORMER "Paisley Parc"

TITLE "Rock n Roll Radio" PERFORMER "Paris Kis"

TITLE "Don't Wanna Play" PERFORMER "Payton Clark"

TITLE "BACK ON TRACK mp3" PERFORMER "Peter Burgwinkel"

TITLE "The Question" PERFORMER "Phil Matthews / The Village"

TITLE "Love on the Edge" PERFORMER "Philip Smolak"

TITLE "Breakin' My Own Rules" PERFORMER "Phillip Michael Parsons"

TITLE "Broken Friendships" PERFORMER "Rachel Dara"

TITLE "Love's Gone" PERFORMER "Randy Harris"

TITLE "stemningsmusik" PERFORMER "Rasmus Bryde Overgaard"

TITLE "Waste Management" PERFORMER "Restored"

TITLE "Blood of Heroes" PERFORMER "Reverence"

TITLE "In the Night" PERFORMER "Rock n roll rebels"

TITLE "Fugitive" PERFORMER "Rich Kern"

TITLE "Lonesome Road" PERFORMER "Rollin Jewett"

TITLE "Wanted Man" PERFORMER "Ron Hayden"

TITLE "This Jam Rocks" PERFORMER "Rude Carpenters"

TITLE "Twang" PERFORMER "Sam Cooper"

TITLE "Light It Up" PERFORMER "Sarah Darling"

TITLE "Waste Of Time_ PERFORMER "Sarina Haggarty"

TITLE "Somewhere In Time / Alone You Breathe (Acoustic Version)"

PERFORMER "Savatage"

TITLE "That Will Preach" PERFORMER "Second Chance Rising"

TITLE "Looking for a Heart Break PERFORMER "Seems Like Tuesday"

TITLE "Purely Fictional Final Mix" PERFORMER "Sick Amore"

TITLE "Agony" PERFORMER "Silent Theory"

TITLE "Riots" PERFORMER "Sister Shotgun"

TITLE "Always Doing Wrong" PERFORMER "Six String Crossing"

TITLE "I Know A Place" PERFORMER "So Much 4 Gravity"

TITLE "- Brian’s Rock N Roll Radio" PERFORMER "Sydney Irving"

TITLE "You Can't Forget About Me" PERFORMER "Sydney Irving"

TITLE "John Barrell Intro" PERFORMER "John Barrell"

TITLE "I'm Ok" PERFORMER "John Barrell"

TITLE "From the Ashes" PERFORMER "Slight Of Mind"

TITLE "Ce qu'on sème" PERFORMER "Soleil noiR"



TITLE "Mysterious Ways of Love" PERFORMER "SpaceTime Rangers"

TITLE "Edge of everything (1)" PERFORMER "Special Agent Sunshine"

INDEX 01 269:06:17

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