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Unknown Artist/Band Show September 8th 5pm to 10pm Central Time.

So we have 52 Songs loaded for tonight's Unknown Artist/Band Show. We start at 5pm Central 6pm Eastern. Come join us on Brian's Rock n Roll Radio at

46 Band: Lonely: Hearts

Abs0lute: Falling Down

Alexander Aruca: She Said To Me

All We Have Left: Ghost

Mark Wihlidal: Life Can Be A Mystery

Asko Argillander & The Blue Flames: Have To Party

Cold Drop: Don't Wake Me Up

Rude Carpenters: The Game

Doug Blimeline: Empower

Ron Hayden: The Story of Charlie Walker

NSU AJ: No Smoking

Restored: Devils Wish

Stacie Collins: Darlin Why

Atomic: Cry Like A Wolf

Big Joe Shelton: Just Let Me Bleed

Next Avenue: Looking For Another Dime

Jon Davis: Passport to the Sun

Zed Head: Hole in My Soul

Burkitt/Chapman/Martell: Short & Curlies

Jon Sudbury: Jealousy

Paul Edwards: Warm Love

Lloyd Bailey: Fort Hill

Brent Halliday: This Side of Me

Wayne Buhner: Asian Beauty

Will Gunnell No Sign Of The Sun

William Fleming: Can't Be Found

Tasha Hillman: Look At The Stars

Astro Gun: Dreaming Skies

Michael Botte: New Rising Sun

Michaela Compton: Light of the City

Modern Distortion: Memoir

Moving Lines: Don't Wake Me Up

Casey Maunder: Set Yourself On Fire

Christopher Eugene Bing: Voice to Skull

Brother Dynamite: You Could Do So Much Better

Coastal Connection: Can you Read my Mind

Bob Houghton: Back in Time

Brian Prendergast: Alone

Dee Paula: Kiss Me

Dimmerswitch: Wax

Don W Johnson: A River Runs Though It

Katie Radecke: James

Kevin Murray: Homeless Poem

Kurt and Helen Band: Snakeskin Boots

Lisa McEwen: I'm Here Now

Philip Smolak: City of Angels

Stephen Brian Leonard Steve Leonard: Before You Die

Strings & Things: Too Much To Ask

Matt Walterscheid: The Gambler

Larry Barfield: Save Myself

Carthagods: The Monster In Me

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