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Brian's Rock n Roll Radio Song Contest

Contest for top Songs by Genres

Rules: Each Artist or Band can submit 1 song only, even if you have songs multilabel Genres. Only 1.

Categories for Genres will be

  1. Rock n Roll & Hard Rock & Country Rock

  2. All Metal

  3. Alternative Rock, Punk Rock

  4. Country and Americana

  5. Blues, Jazz and Easy Listening, Soul, Pop

You will have to email me to enter the contest. In the subject Line needs to say Contest Entry. I need the following information from you in this email.

  1. Name of Song and Band or Artist Name

  2. Email Address

  3. Phone Number

  4. Email or Username for PayPal or Venmo

  5. Must be a member of my website. If your not just join there is a free membership or a Paid Membership

  6. My Email is

  7. Website is

All entries are $20.00 + Fees for PayPal or Venmo.

Everyone's $20.00 will go into the prize fund. I will also try to get sponsors to Donate to the the prize fund as well.

I will create a poll on my Website for people to vote for there song of choice in each Genres. Only 1 vote for each category

All entries must be in by August 13th once all the entries are in I will create the polls.

Polls will be up on the website until August 31st and all winners will be announced on the first show in September.

If we don't get enough entries for all 5 Genres we will combined all in one category.

Once you enter I will email you back where to send the money too. If you win I will use that same account to pay you as well.

How many spots paid out will be announce on August 14th

If we don't get enough to enter then all money received the $20.00 will be paid back to each artist/Band.

There also may be more prizes then just the Money

All the songs that are entered in the contest will be played on the live shows in August.

Any questions please email me


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