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Back from Vacation

We went on an awesome cruise on Royal Caribbean on Harmony of the Sea's

It was a 7 day cruise great weather great food and great service. My wife is a travel agent if you need to travel I highly recommend her. Contact me for more info. Anyway we now have 1120 Members our new goal is to get to 2000. Bands are sending in their music and we will play every single one of them on Live Shows as well as Auto DJ. First show back is Monday March 6th at 6pm Central Time in the USA and Canada. I need all artist that sent me songs to listen to as much of the show as possible as well as the Auto DJ. We play 98% Unknown Artist /Bands. The other 2% is Savatage and Savatage related bands. Membership is required to join but we do have a free Option as well but you must help spread the word and get us listeners and more paying members. We will announce our winner of the new Show intro Song soon. We will start another contest very soon. I will be ordering shirts, and tee-shirts very soon as well. Hope to get Hoodies and Jackets later this year. We will run our Top 20 songs once a month by votes by all our members on Facebook Group Page as well as this website. I will also have my Top 20 songs as well once a month as well show we will have 2 charts. This station is for all of you if you have any suggestions on shows let me know. Interviews will start on the week of the 13th of March so get a hold of me when you want yours. You must be a Paying Member for this benefit. So join today. But even if you pick a free membership like I said above we will still play your music. Everyone send me photos of you and band members and list all the names and instruments they play. I will only play originals no covers please. Brian's Rock n Roll Radio is growing and hope to be on the top 10 list of all internet Radio Stations. I am going to try to write one of these post once a week or more.

Thank you to all my members you all ROCK!!!!

Brian Weaver

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