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All Unknown Artists/Bands + Savatage music all day everyday

We are committed to get all Unknown Artists/Bands to get airtime. On Brian's Rock n Roll Radio that is all we play 24/7/365. We also have Live shows and Interviews of all our artists / Bands we play. If you are new to us Welcome. If you have music you want to have played on our air please email me MP3 to or you can download MP3 on our Website at . We are always looking for more Rock, Metal, Blues, Country, Americana, Jazz, Soul, Reggae, Pop Rock, Pop, Alternative Rock/Pop, Singer and Song Writers and Easy Listening. We will be able to sell your music on our website coming soon and you will get much bigger piece of the pie then you get anywhere else. Check out our membership packages and find out all the extras you receive for being a member. You can also join for free but all you get is your music played but no advertising, Interviews guest DJ with me on a show. And Much much more. Join today.

Any questions just email or ask a question on the website.

We want to become the best Radio around. Our music is top notched and must be heard.


Brian Weaver

Owner Brian's Rock n Roll Radio.

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