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What’s Our Story?

WHO Is Brian?

 I started this Radio Station because of the love I have for Music.  I have always wanted to be involved in music.  I write and play my own music as well. I am nowhere as good as the Artists/Bands we play.  I love all kinds of music grew up listening to Neil Diamond , Tommy Roe, Tommy James and the Shondell's, John Denver, The Beatles, Rolling Stones and  The Monkees.  As I got older I started to listen to Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, Black Sabbath and Many more.  In the 90s I started Liking Country Music. Artist like Vince Gill, Radney Foster, Alan Jackson which then lead me to Outlaw Country and then to Americana.  But Hard Rock and Metal have been my main love. I love to go out a see new bands as well which brought me to this format for the Radio Station to play all Unknown Artists/Bands.  Plus adding my favorite Band Savatage and all the related Bands from Savatage.


We are a Commercial Free Radio Station. Our goal is to bring you the best Unknown Artist/Bands from all over the world. Listeners will have Music 24/7 365 days a year and its all with no commercials.  If you love music as well as I do you will love this station.  We will keep searching for more Artist/Bands to add to our already large music of the Unknowns. Join our Facebook Group Page and become a member on our website where you can publish content  of your own.  As a paying member you will get unlimited music and have other benefits as well. 


  We survive from our Artists/Bands and Listeners on memberships and selling our Merchandise of    T-Shirts, Hats, Hoodies and Polo Shirts. We have changed our format to all Unknown Artists/Bands as well with Savatage and all bands related to Savatage. Our main goal is give the Unknown Artist a chance to be heard and so far it's paying off for some of our Bands. Bands like Sydney Irving, John Barrell, The Michael Botte Band, Cold Drop, Melishah, The Rude Carpenters, Brent Halliday,

1000 Years Flood, Forest and Dove, Tipsy McStagger, Slight of Mind, Emily Adams, Viking Queen,Tasha Hillman, Zed Head, Six String Crossing, Moose on the Roof, Bob Houghton, Kurt and Helen Band and Sundowners were bands that made it into our first ever Top 20 Countdown voted by our members on our Facebook Group Page.

We  play Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Blues, Americana, Country and Alternative Rock, Singer Songwriters, Punk Rock and Pop Rock, Jazz, Funk, and Reggae. 


We have so many great Artists/Bands on Brian's Rock n Roll radio it takes longer than 4 shows of 4 hours or more to pay 1 song from each artist. This show is called Unknown Artist/Band Show A to Z.  We will start doing Top 20 Countdowns every Monday and the members will continue voting  to see who makes it into the top 20. The voting will take place on our Facebook group Page as well on our New Website.  We also do interviews with Artist / Bands so if you are interested please let me know through the website or Facebook Group Page.

We also will have Guest DJs and they get to pick the music they want to play and they will DJ with me live on the air.


Members get to have a 1/2 hour to 1 hour interview and we play their music and talk about each song for free.  Non Members can do this as well at the cost of $50 for half hour $ 100 a hour.  Please see the membership page for more details


We are always looking for more talented Artists/Bands so please submit your music in MP3 format only on our website.We are always coming up with more ideas and would like to promote a concert with our Unknown Artists/Bands in the near future.We will sell your music for you if you are a member you get 100% of sales up to $50 in sales.  Once you reach $50 in sale we will take 10% and you get 90%. A much better deal you can get anywhere else.  If you are not a member you can sell your music as well and you will receive 60% and we will take 40% of all sales. We will have a Video Page where you can post your Videos for free as a Member. Non Members will be charged price has not been determined yet.

All sales of any music will need a contract signed and a place to send you the money electronically. 



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